1963 / Bad Bad Rawk n Roll

by '63 Monroe



All Songs Written & Performed By ‘63 MONROE

Steven R. Stunning-Vox

Tim Thompson- Guitar, Vocals

Brad Ondrovcik- Drums, Arrangements

Pete Dekoker-Bass, Vocals

Brian ‘Whip Fetish’ McMillan-Guitar

Tara Lynn Elliott & Nicholas McMillan-Backing Vocals

Produced and Engineered by Will Haas

Thank You: Tony Lima, 100 Punks, Beer, Call The Office, The Hamburg/Memphis Trajectory, Dawghouse Staff & Bill May..., Mitzi's Kitchen & Fred Robinson, CIUT/89.5 FM Equalizing Distort-Stephe Perry, The Brunswick St. Thomas & London divisions….although Monroe never played there, we booked the bands, hung out and drank the place profitable, oops..sorry we played the Spring Patio opening the summer it closed…as per usual….Randy Parsons, Our Girlzzz, ‘M’, Charles & Seger Ondrovcik…thanks to my family for the 9 plus years of letting me out of the house to jam & rock it out….Noah McMillan, Lee Bernier, Stephanie, Addison, Dylan, Barb, & Jim Marshall….Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants’, Skid and his merry band of weekly miscreants…Archibald Gamble…the Jiggawatt’s….Lucky Six's, The Ramones..1 2 3 4, God rest your pioneering innovative souls…Legend Killers, Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny, Monty Python, First Dog In Space, Exeter Legion, Beer, Drunken Debauchery, The fukked up world I inherited; The fukked up world I will make better, To over-excessive thank-you's, To Albertos Los Trios Paranoia’s for reminding me that thank-you is very close to fukk-you, Marilyn Monroe….Image of the Goddess, Pete's Basement, Brian's Van, Sterling Trucks, The Cami Kids…Demics, Past members/past brothers, ‘57 Chevy's, Punk Rock and what's left of it, Beaches, Fresh Air, Liquid Courage, Sorry if you didn't make the list….!

To any and all bands who’ve had the balls to play in a consistently shitty market fighting the constant battles to achieve sweet fuck all and only do it for the music ...!

To Pete for giving me the strength, courage and the will to carry on after all the bullshit finally falls to the ground…it’s really is just about the music….isn’t it!!!!
Words of wisdom….Yeah….I got nuttin’!


released August 2, 2011


all rights reserved



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